About Us

About Us

Harsha Modern Medical Centre & Diagnostic Services is a Hi-Tech diagnostic centre of international standards in Mangaluru, located at Bejai-Kapikad, having a branch at Ballalbagh. We are committed to Delivering Reliable, Fast, Accurate, and Affordable Diagnostic Services, focusing on quality patient care since 2012.

Harsha has a spacious comfortable resting lounge and is a fully equipped laboratory offering specialized services like ECG, Echo, Ultrasound, TMT, and Spirometry.  With world-class technology Harsha, Modern Diagnostics is here to set a measurable impact and revolutionize diagnostic healthcare.

Our Mission

To provide accurate and timely diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic investigation reports at an affordable rate to every customer with the shortest turnaround time, enabling apt patient treatment.

Our Vision

To willingly serve everyone and help fight the battle against disease by providing world-class accurate diagnostic healthcare and settling high standards for patient care.

Our Core Values

To ensure everyone experiences seamless and simplified diagnostic services fulfilled through technology and a customer-centric approach. To ensure, one experiences quality testing and reporting at affordable prices

Why Harsha Diagnostics

Early Opening Hours

Harsha Modern Diagnostics opens at 6:30 am, which can be helpful for patients who need to have fasting tests done. This allows them to complete their tests early in the day and resume their regular routine.

Home Lab Services

Harsha Modern Diagnostics offers home lab services for patients who are unable to travel to their testing centers. This can be especially convenient for elderly patients or those with mobility issues. The home lab services are performed by trained technicians who use portable equipment to collect samples.

Experienced Staff

Harsha Modern Diagnostics employs highly trained and experienced medical professionals who are experts in their fields. This means that patients can expect to receive high-quality care from knowledgeable and skilled practitioners.

Accuracy and Precision

Harsha Modern Diagnostics places a strong emphasis on accuracy and precision in its testing processes. The company uses quality control measures to ensure that results are consistent and reliable.

Timely Results

Harsha Modern Diagnostics strives to deliver test results in a timely and efficient manner. This is important for patients who need quick answers in order to receive the proper treatment.

Affordable pricing

Harsha Modern Diagnostics offers its services at competitive and affordable prices. This ensures that patients can access high-quality diagnostic tests without having to pay exorbitant fees.

Specialist Consultation

Harsha Modern Diagnostics has a team of highly skilled medical professionals who can provide expert opinions and consultations to patients and their healthcare providers. This can be especially helpful for patients who require more specialized care or treatment.

Comprehensive Testing

Harsha Modern Diagnostics offers a wide range of diagnostic tests, including imaging, blood tests, and other specialized tests. This allows patients to get all the testing they need in one place, without having to go to multiple locations or clinics.

Advanced Technology

Harsha Modern Diagnostics uses the latest technology and equipment to perform its diagnostic tests. This ensures that patients receive accurate and reliable results, which are essential for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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What our patients say

“My experience with Harsha Diagnostics & Medical Centre was excellent. Dr. Priyadarshini is friendly, and knowledgeable & offered invaluable consultation. Centre has professional staff who offered quick service & timely reports. It’s my pleasure to recommend this Centre to all.”

Mariete Fernandes

“Harsha Diagnostic is one of the best diagnostic centers available in Mangalore, well maintained, hygienic, good service, reasonable rate, accurate reports, professional staff, and timely reports we highly recommend this center. Thank you for the service”

Ibrahim Asma

“Harsha Modern Diagnostic services is well equipped with modern technology and trained Technical staff. The new branch in Bejai has a nice ambiance with the same old trusted service. A reliable place to visit for your family’s regular health check-ups.”

Ganesh H R