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Corporate Wellness Program

Efficiency, Enthusiasm and productivity of any work place depends on the health of the employees of the company.

We at Harsha Modern Diagnostics partnered with the corporates to take care of the health of their employees with customised annual health check-ups, Awareness Workshops and onsite camps.

Each such program is tailormade to suit the needs of an organization. Principally, our team assists and guides them systematically for all concern and illness.

Corporate Programes

  • Executive Health Checkups
  • Pre Employment Health Checkups
  • Onsite Health Checkups
  • Doctor Placements at Corporate
  • Health Talks
  • Medical Events
  • Vaccination

Overseas Fitness Medical

Overseas Fitness Medical

We are a well-established overseas preliminary fitness medical centre. We are specialized in conducting preliminary/open fitness medical examinations for those who travel and also for employment purposes in foreign countries.

Laboratory Services

Clinical Pathology Investigations

Haematology Investigations

Hormones Investigation

Cytology Investigations

Serology Investigations

Virology Analysis (Incl. Hepatitis B.C. HIV etc.)

Immunology Investigations

Microbiology Investigations

Blood Biochemistry Investigations

Sample Collection at Home


At Harsha Modern Diagnostics, We have a Compassionate bond with our customers,

We understand their discomfort when they are unwell and so our well-equipped and medically trained crew members collect blood and other samples at the patient’s convenient time and in their home or office.

During every procedure, We maintain the highest standard of healthcare practices.